Why Wales is a Top Producer of Pork

When we think of culinary treats and Wales, we often conjure up images of tasty lamb chops and succulent roast beef but there is another meat that Wales is famous for producing and that is pork. Pigs raised in Welsh farms are famous for producing top quality meat and this is in no small part due to the climate and natural environment in Wales. It is important to ensure that you source your pork from a farmer that is well known for taking good care of their livestock and this is a responsibility that all meat-eaters should take on, as eating factory farming animalsis simply not acceptable from a moral standpoint.

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As Happy as a Pig in Mud …

Not only do well-kept pigs enjoy a better quality of life but they also provide you with much tastier meat and this is something that many Welsh farmers pride themselves on. The natural environment in Wales is perfect for rearing animals for the meat trade and this is why so much of the best quality meat in the UK comes from this part of the country. Look online to find a top pork producer in Wales and forWelsh pork recipes click here to find everything from dinner ideas to breakfast recipes, lunches and snacks.

well-kept pigs enjoy

Finding a Farmer

Check out the following for some of the qualities that you should look out for in a farmer before buying their products:

  • Try to use a farm that has a short supply chain, as this is good for the planet and helps to support local businesses
  • Find a farmer that will let his pigs reach maturity, so that they enjoy a longer life and provide better quality meat
  • Make sure that the farm has a good reputation in the sector for treating their livestock well
  • Enquire about the size of the herds they are kept in, as smaller herds are ideal for the animals well-being

Finding a Farmer

Many farmers based in Wales have enjoyed farming in their family for many generations, meaning that they are knowledgeable when it comes to taking good care of their animals. It also means that they know how to produce good quality meat products and pork in Wales usually comes from the following species of pig:

  1. Welsh pedigree
  2. Mangalista
  3. Oxford Sandy & Black

species of pig

You will need to find a farmer that understands the importance of adapting their farming methods depending on what time of the year it is. This helps to ensure that their pigs are kept in the best conditions possible, whether it is summer or winter and giving the pigs this level of care is really important and is something many Welsh farmers pride themselves in.

Wales is a country where nature thrives. There are sloping fields and endless natural scenery that goes as far as the eye can see and this is why it is the perfect place to rear animals for the meat market.

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