Want To Try Sushi? Here Are 7 Facts You Need To Know!

If you are a foodie, it’s likely that you already know about sushi. Some claim that the hype around sushi is just absurd, while there are others who swear by the taste. In this post, we dig into seven facts that you must know about this amazing specialty, regardless of your level of interest in sushi.

  • Sushi may not have its origin in Japan. Yes, that’s true. Sushi, in simple words, is bits of fish that’s wrapped in sour rice, and the origins of this recipe traces back to Southeast Asia, somewhere around China and later became a phenomenon in Japan. Hanaya Yohei is the man who is credited for creating the Tokyo-style sushi that we all now know. The restaurants that serve the best sushi in Denver follow this style.

  • Becoming a sushi chef isn’t easier either. Some chefs have trained for years, and traditionally, it takes over a decade to be called a sushi chef. Now you know that following that one recipe from YouTube doesn’t make you a chef. Taste, texture and every aspect of the sushi is important for that gastronomical experience.
  • Sushi is healthy. That’s only when follow the traditional recipe, where the sushi just contains fish or seafood and rice. Dipping your sushi in that calorie-rich mayo doesn’t do any good at all. It is low on calories as long as it is eaten decades back.
  • You don’t need to dip your sushi in the soy sauce completely. That’s right. You just need some soy sauce on the fish and not on the rice. Not sure how to use chopsticks? It’s completely acceptable and okay to eat with your hands because that’s how traditionally people ate sushi in Japan.

  • People previously didn’t eat sushi rice. Yes, traditionally, rice was used for the recipe to just add to the fermentation of the fish and was not supposed to be eaten. As the fermentation time reduced, sushi rice became a staple, just like the fish on the top.
  • There are many types of sushi. This is a no-brainer of sorts. The most common is nigiri sushi, which includes rice with vinegar with fresh fish on the top. Then there’s gunkan sushi, which comes with a seaweed strip that keeps the contents and toppings in place, while maki zushi is rolled sushi. Temari sushi is also common that comes with rice balls with some topping. There are other options, as well.
  • Always start with the light. Start with light flavoured sushi at first while dining out. White sushi is light on flavor and will not have a strong taste that may hamper your experience further. If you go by the chef’s choice, you are supposed to eat sushi as presented on the plate.

Craving for some sushi? Check online now and don’t forget to check some of the restaurants around you. The best ones will deliver sushi as expected in a dine-in, and you can try a bunch of flavors available.

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