Ultimate Guide to Wood Cook Stoves at your Perusal

Several images of Victorian-era kitchens along with cast iron country hearths would come to mind at the mention of wood cooking. These were originally used only in industrial kitchens. However, since 1820, smaller models were introduced and enjoyed in homes. Regardless of modern mechanics, several traditionalists have still been utilizing these stoves in their kitchens today. Most would even claim that their food tastes better when prepared over wood fires than cooked using gas fuel or electric heating.

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The inception of wood cook stoves branched from cast iron wood stoves has been used only for heating. However, in 1742, Benjamin Franklin invented what has been now known as Pennsylvania Fireplace. It has been an alternative to open fireplaces that were used in Colonial America. The open fireplaces were not only dangerous heating method for the home, but it has been used as a substantial amount of fuel or wood. Over the past years, improvements have been made to Franklin’s design that eventually led to the development of wood burning cook stoves. These were called so because of their tiered shape. These were the primary dual-purpose stoves used for cooking and heating.

Wood Cook Stoves

Modern stoves that have been using electricity, gas for fuel would definitely have convenience on their side. When you wish to turn on the burners or oven, essentially all you would be required to do is to turn the knob. On the other hand, wood cook stoves would require slightly more time to heat up. Their heat source has been the fire made within the stove itself. Once the fire has been made, a damper would control the airflow that would feed the flames for keeping the heat source constant. Smoke would escape through the chimney, mostly attached to the top of the roof.

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Food cooked on an electric or gas stove mostly do not soak up any other flavours than whatever has been used to cook with, such as spices and herbs. However, preparing meals on wood cook stoves enables the food to absorb a smoky flavour from the wood. With the wood burning inside the stove, molecules from the energy would be released that seep into the cooking vessel. It would give the meal the taste of whatever wood has been used.

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Taste would differ with each type of wood. As a result, there have been different types of wood used depending on the kind of food you intend to cook.

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