Top Reasons to Get a Press in Your Kitchen

Sandwiches are enjoyed in nearly every country on earth by people of all ages, backgrounds, and social standings. Electric presses first became popular in the 1990s and they are one of the most crucial and functional appliances that you can have in your kitchen. In fact, there are more uses to be had than simply pressing your sandwiches, and homeowners across Australia use them to spice up their recipes in the kitchen.

Electric Over Stovetop

While there are models that utilise the stove to get their results, this can quickly cause more cleanup and frustration than they are worth. Electric presses are compact, make little to no mess, and are simple to clean after use. In addition, you never need to worry about the weighted press damaging one or more of your pans and new models are extremely energy-efficient. By choosing an electric sandwich press, you save yourself time, money, and frustration from start to finish and make it simple to enjoy its benefits.

Sandwich-Ready Bacon

Everyone loves bacon and it can be bought in both pork and turkey form to keep within any dietary restrictions. This addition to any sandwich enhances flavour, adds salt, and improves the overall enjoyment people have from their sandwiches tenfold. That said, bacon cooked in a pan can curl in on itself and make it difficult to ensure every bite has a delicious piece included. By using your press, you can cook perfectly flat slices of bacon in short order that fit perfectly into your sandwich.

Due to the fact that it is cooked on both sides at once, it also cooks much faster than it does on the stove, saving you crucial time in the morning when you are in a rush. After just a few minutes, you can pull off your perfectly flat, well-rendered, and crispy bacon and add it to your sandwich or place it on your breakfast plate. To make matters even more convenient, the lid reduces splattering during the cooking process, protecting your hands and countertop from hot grease.


Although most people think of the panini when considering food presses for their kitchens, you can make a wide variety of sandwiches with it. Toasted subs, Cuban-style sandwiches, croque monsieurs, tuna melts, and more are possible, making each new sandwich experience something to enjoy. Most sandwiches are improved by a good toasting and the press helps to meld all of the ingredients, especially the cheese, together into a crunchy, compact, easily-sliced sandwich that can be enjoyed by all. If you have multiple people to feed, this your best option to ensure both quality and favour at all times.

More Than Sandwiches

An electric press can be used to quickly cook a great deal of foods such as chicken breasts, steaks, and pork chops. In addition, you get beautiful grill marks that make any dish appear and taste just a bit better and the meat cooks faster due to the heat being on both sides. Whatever you choose to use the press for, you can only benefit from adding it to your kitchen appliances. One use should be all it takes to impress you and convince you this was an excellent decision.

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