Top 6 Restaurants in New Delhi for Amazing North Indian Food

New Delhi has been buzzing with lots of famous restaurants and dining areas recently. Some of them have become so popular that they have earned a coveted ranking in the top 10 best places to eat in the entire of Delhi. Out of all the different cuisines of food, the vote for the most cherished cuisines offered in multiple restaurants goes to the north Indian food. Almost all the orders that are given by the customers necessarily include at least one item that belongs to the category of the north Indian food.

So here is the list of the top 6 restaurants in New Delhi where you must go for amazing North Indian food:

  1. Clay 1 Grill Restaurant and BarClay 1 Grill is a famous restaurant located in Kirti Nagar area of New Delhi. It is known for its delectable servings of North Indian Food. The ambience of the restaurant has a nice contemporary look with marble flooring and mahogany tables. The entire place is well lit up and fully air conditioned. The best part about this restaurant is that you can enjoy all the famous street food of Delhi with authentic taste at this restaurant.
  2. Ikka, The Ace Bar– Located in Rajouri Garden in New Delhi, this is the perfect getaway if you want to plan the perfect meal with your special one. In addition to the great North Indian food, it also offers a huge variety of drinks for the customers. The main highlight of this place is that regular events like band performances, DJ nights of Bollywood, acoustic Sundays as well as Sufi nights are often conducted and make the experience of the customers very memorable.
  3. The Barbeque Company– This restaurant is located on Jail Road in New Delhi. It is quite famous for its buffet spread as well as live grills. It has an attractive decor and the usage of exotic spices in their North Indian food makes it mouth-watering. The lighting of the place is so nice that it gives a magnificent look to the entire restaurant. Each table has a barbeque of its own and all the snacks are delivered here after they are grilled.
  4. Tamasha– This restaurant is located in Connaught Place. One of the most attractive features of this restaurant is its creative designs in the interior. The entire restaurant covers a huge space of 16,000 square-feet. It has become the favourite of many people and attracts a lot of young crowd. It provides you the ultimate night life experience in Delhi and also serves delicious North Indian food. Another cool feature that it houses is a mega bar. It comprises of all the services offered by a restaurant as well as a lounge.
  5. Mystique Melange– This is a restaurant that is situated in the Ashok Vihar region. It is well known for its great north Indian cuisine and is often the first choice for big events like a party or a wedding. In addition to the yummy food, the place also offers a mesmerizing ambience along with live music. The bright and vibrant colours add to the charm of the decor and the chandeliers make the entire place look nothing less than an elegant palace. All the culinary delights of this place make it a desirable choice for the customers.
  6. Lazeez Affaire– Lazeez Affaire is located in Chanakyapuri. It is known for its high quality food along with innovative alcohol concoctions . All the contemporary comforts are given to the customers with traditional hospitality. Many corporate meetings take place in this restaurant as it provides the perfect concoction of delicious food as well as suitable ambience. The lighting of the place also adds to its positive vibe that is both optimistic as well as dazzling.
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