The Many Faces of a Hotel Manager

The Hotel industry is unique as it focuses solely on providing comfort and convenience for its guests, and its very existence depends on being able to attract enough customers to make a profit. Of course, there are many aspects to a hotel, with rooms to manage and restaurants to oversee, and in order to make everything work as one, you need an experienced manager to oversee the operation.

Lead by Example

In many respects, the hotel manager is a role model for all the staff to look up to. A manager should always be impeccably dressed, and would be eager and component in performing any task, no matter how small, right down to cleaning the toilets. Having risen through the ranks, the manager would understand the importance of reliable outsourcing, as sometimes experts are required for certain tasks and ensures the hotel is able to continue functioning during periods of repairs. If some of the equipment in the hotel restaurant begins to have issues, contact a professional catering equipment repair company in Perth that will have the restaurant back up and running in no time.

The Diplomat

A hotel manager must sometimes diffuse awkward situations, like when a guest is angry and the hotel employee must bear the brunt of their outrage. The manager, would appear to side with the guest, even if the customer is being unreasonable, and maybe even chide the employee slightly. Of course, once the incident is over, the manager would discuss the event with the employee and make them understand the reasoning behind this approach, which would do wonders for their morale.

The Smiling Face

The manager must be seen to be in regular attendance, often milling around in the lobby and perhaps walking through the grounds. This achieves several objectives, as the guests can see you are actively monitoring the hotel, and at the same time, you are able to observe. The manager would have top notch observation skills, and while it might look like a friendly wander, the manager is noting every small detail on his tour of the establishment, and anything untoward will be noted for future reference.

The Delegator

Careful selection of under managers would ensure the ship is run well, and with regular meetings, you would easily keep your finger on the pulse. If, for example, the F&B manager was on holiday, and the kitchen reported a malfunction, you may need a repairs urgently and a reliable company would come and fix the equipment in a flash.

The Motivator

A good hotel manager would always focus on the positive, and be the first to admit when they made a mistake, and with a willingness to muck in and do even the most menial of tasks, the manager is helping to create the right mindset in a service oriented environment. If an employee deserves a ticking off, this would be done in private, and rewards and recognition would be valuable tools for any manager.

If you have aspirations to become a hotel manager, you need to start at the very bottom, and if, after a few years, you have what it takes, there are schools that teach hotel management.


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