The Amazing Health Benefits of Coconuts

Coconuts provide us with a wide range of health benefits that many people may not be aware of. They are great to add to desserts or eat as a snack. But did you know that there are many other healthy uses for the coconut and its oil that can help with everything from skin issues to common illnesses? Here are a few ways that coconuts are more beneficial than just providing those on a deserted island with an adequate food source.

Coconuts Can Help to Treat Various Skin Disorders

The oil that is found inside coconuts is known to contain several antioxidant properties that can help keep your skin looking young and beautiful. The oil has been known to slow down the aging process as it protects the skin’s barrier from damage caused by harmful free radicals. You can place a small amount of the oil on your skin each day to keep it feeling smooth. It also helps to eliminate dryness. You may choose to apply it to your skin before bedtime or prior to getting in the shower. The hot water will help your pores open and allow the oil to be absorbed easily into the skin. Coconut oil has also been known to effectively treat many serious skin issues such as dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis.

Eating Coconut Promotes Healthy Teeth and Bones

Did you know that eating coconut can help support the growth of strong bones and teeth? It helps the body absorb nutrients such as magnesium and calcium much more easily. That allows you to reduce your risk of developing osteoporosis, a condition that can cause your bones to become weak or brittle. This makes coconut a great choice for those who are lactose intolerant as they do not receive enough calcium in their diets. Those who choose to live a vegan lifestyle can benefit from eating coconut because it is a good source of protein and fatty acids.

Coconut Can Help Keep Your Hair Healthy and Shiny

The oil from coconuts can also help keep your hair looking beautiful and youthful. If you have dry or thin hair, you can place the oil in it and that will help it have a more lustrous appearance. Leave the oil in your hair overnight and wash it out in the morning for best results. By doing this, you will find that your hair is left with a radiant and moist shine. It is a great alternative for those who do not want to use a leave-in conditioner.

Use of the oil from coconuts for various health and beauty treatments was not accepted very well when it was first introduced to the UK because the oil contains a large amount of saturated fat. People were concerned that ingesting the oil could contribute to high cholesterol or heart disease, but that is not the case. The oil from coconuts lowers your cholesterol levels and helps to reduce your chances of developing heart disease over time. This is because the fat content is changed into energy, which makes it less likely to build up in your arteries, making coconuts a great versatile choice for all types of health conditions.

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