Starting Your Own Coffee Shop – How You Can Make It Unique

Getting started in the food industry is never easy, it takes a lot of hard work, tasty dishes, and quite a bit of creativity on your part. If you’re looking to start your very own coffee shop, then it’s going to need to be unique in order to stand out from the rest. Customers will need to feel that desire to visit your shop over all the others. So how do you create that unique-vibe? Here are some tips you can use.

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Spend Time on the Décor Details

While there is a lot of time that goes into creating a tasty menu, it’s also important to think about the décor details. You could offer the tastiest coffee in town, with the most mouth-watering pastries to accompany it, but if you don’t have a welcoming and unique atmosphere you just won’t be able to attract the customers.

Typically, it’s best to start with a theme or color palette and work from there. Give thought to the type of seating you want to offer, the placement of it, and the colors and fabrics you use. You can even go so far as to personalize your coffee mugs, which acts as a marketing tool. Grey Fox Pottery is a fabulous place to shop for wholesale coffee mugs that you can serve your java in. You can even offer your mugs for sale, again, this helps with branding and marketing. The little details that you include will help to make it unique.

Offer Customer Loyalty Cards

Here’s a tip that can really help push you ahead of the competition. By offering customer loyalty cards you will be offering them a value-added benefit. They will feel as though they are getting more than just a great cup of coffee each time they visit. You can create any rewards system you want – whether it be free coffee, a free pastry, free coffee mug, whatever suits you.

Make Your Customers Feel Cared For

In order to become that “favorite coffee shop” customers need to feel cared for and appreciated. They need to feel like more than just a number. This means hiring the right kind of baristas, taking the time to chat to customers, and giving them a warm and welcoming experience each and every time they visit.

Put Thought into Specialty Flavors

One of the hottest trends in the coffee shop scene right now are specialty flavors, but not just any old flavour, ones that have an artisan vibe about them. You want to pick flavors that are unique to your shop that customers can’t get elsewhere. This could include using local ingredients or pairing with other local vendors, naming the coffee after a famous landmark or person in town, and just keeping up with the latest coffee shop trends.

The Coolest Shop in Town

These tips will help you to achieve the goal of becoming the coolest shop in town, and will help you to build a loyal following of customers.

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