Shopping For A Custom Birthday Cake

For each year that you reach a birthday, you want to celebrate that you have been blessed to see another year. This is not only to signify that you have made it another year but you have managed to make it to another period in your life where you get to enjoy each and every moment. Life is not easy by any means and you have to work hard if you want to succeed so when you do, you want to enjoy your day. If you have a loved one who is celebrating, maybe you are thinking about how you can make their day even bigger and better than the year before.

With custom birthday cakes, you are able to show that person how much you really know them. You also are able to show them how much you appreciate everything that they do for you and their loved ones. Here are some things to think about when ordering your custom cakes.

Birthday Cake

  1. Party Size

This is especially important because the bigger you want your cake to be, the more work it will take to get it right and the more money you are going to spend on the cake. The one thing you should bear in mind as well is that many cake bakeries will only fulfill a certain number of cakes therefore you might find it troublesome at the last minute for a custom cake. Try to plan as far in advance as you can and know about how many people you will need the cake to serve.


  1. Pick a theme that relates to the person

You will want to choose something that you know means something to them. For instance, the person you are throwing the party for is a big time shoe shopper. You could ask for a custom cake to look like a big shoe or a shoe coming out of a shoebox. There is an endless amount of ideas you can use for your next custom birthday cake.


  1. When you need the cake

You will need to think about this when planning your party and purchasing a cake. If you are throwing a party in the middle of the summer outside at a park, this is not the best weather to have a cake in. If you need the cake regardless of the temperature outside, speak with someone at the bakery and ask if they can arrive with the cake after the party has started and close to the time that the birthday girl or guy would be cutting their cake. This will help to ensure that the cake will hold its frame and that it will not spoil in the heat.

  1. Think of something Original

There is an abundance of ideas out there for you to choose from when you are ordering your cake. You can choose a cake that the baker has made hundreds of times and could do with his/her eyes closed but that means there is less thought going into the cake. Also bear in mind that you are displaying a piece of work for everyone to see. Try to come up with an original idea for your birthday cake.