Revealed: 5 Tips for Choosing the Ideal Corporate Event Space

Choosing a venue is, undoubtedly, one of the most important aspects of planning a corporate event. Identifying the ideal location can be quite time consuming especially if you are not prepared with the right information beforehand. This, perhaps, explains why the most important thing you need to know is how many people will be in attendance. It is single handedly the most important piece of information that you will require and which will dictate just about every aspect of your decision-making regarding food, spacing, and overnight accommodations. Below, therefore, we take a look at 5 tips to consider, including questions to ask, before or during a venue inspection while planning your next corporate event as follows:

Corporate Event Space

  1. Location

If your corporate event is being held locally, choose a corporate event space in Houston that is centrally located or one near the office if you want to ensure better attendance. Alternatively, if the event is to be held out of town or out of state, choose a location close to the airport for easy access. Also, be sure to note whether the venue is near restaurants and any activities that guests can engage in during their down times. And of course, choose a venue where people will be safe.

  1. Space

The event space that you settle on should have enough rooms available and at your guests’ disposal for meetings, award dinners, breakout sessions etc. Check that the rooms are spacious enough to fit all the people attending the event, but not so big as to make people feel disconnected. You may also need to find out whether the venue has any capacity limits.

Corporate Event Space

  1. Transportation

If you plan on holding your corporate event at the same place where your guests will be staying, transportation should not really cause you any problems. However, you still ought to consider whether you will provide a shuttle for participants to and from the airport, or whether they should rent cars or take cabs.

  1. Services

Do not forget to ask what comes with the venue rental e.g. chairs, tables, WIFI etc. Thereafter, you could find out what could be added to the a la carte. This will usually be things along the lines of catering, sound equipment, podiums, etc. Also, discuss which staffing options need to be added and which are complimentary.

Corporate Event Space

  1. Catering

Decide well in advance which meals from you will provide for your guests and whether they will be provided at the venue. Maybe you intend on providing breakfast and lunch with attendees doing their own thing for dinner- plan for this before booking the venue. It would also be prudent to establish if the venue has a minimum food purchase stipulation.

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