Restaurant linens- Spoiled for choice

Table linen provides an elegant touch to any celebration, whether it be birthday parties, weddings, back garden picnics, romantic dinners, all the way to just a plain meal with family or friends. In a restaurant, clean, crisp table linen instantly transforms the place into an atmosphere of class. Premises can be instantly transformed and made to feel a lot more ambient when they are using the right style table linen and this is well known by all successful ventures as it enhances the customer experience. Think about it – you may be aware of sometime in the past, when from the outside, a restaurant may not have looked that inviting; but once inside, the decor gave the place a much more respectable and comfortable feeling, was easy on the eyes, and stimulated the senses in a positive way, making the dining experience more delightful.

Spoiled for choice

Even a greasy spoon type of establishment can be made more cheerful and pleasant with the help of some simple, or fancy table linen. It makes the mind boggle as to how many restaurants now and in the past, could have enhanced their customer base with the simple use of quality table linen, but somehow never got round to thinking about it and applying it.

Things to consider when choosing table linen,

  • Choosing what’s right
  • Texture
  • Colour
  • Quality
  • Drop length
  • Conclusion

choice table linens

The choice of table linens can be difficult, as most people are not experts in such matters, but then again, some people are. Renting table linen is a viable option for many people and there are a number of businesses out there who can fit you up with the perfect environment for the dining experience. Choosing table linens can be a complex business and not something for the novice, as the last thing you want is a less than quality set. At Johnsons Stalbridge Linen services their web site has everything you need to know about restaurant linens.


Table linens should be made out of soft, natural fibers such as linen or cotton.  Linen and cotton have been used, dating back to at least 6,000 years, to the Ancient Egyptians.  You can also acquire a set made from synthetic materials, but you’ll be exchanging quality for easy care. With table linens made from synthetic fibers, you won’t have to do as much ironing, but it should not be forgotten that they don’t absorb liquids as well as those made from natural materials. Table linens made from linen or cotton are not only more absorptive,they will inevitably also have a longer lasting life.

Restaurant linens Texture


Many people would agree that plain old white is the most popular colour, which most people choose for table linens because it’s considered somewhat formal. Other shades such as ivory or off white are also popular. Saying that, if somebody prefers to go with colour, then they must choose a set that goes with the immediate surroundings and doesn’t overwhelm it. Embroidered patterns (not too busy!) are also attractive and popular with some people, and perfectly acceptable. Whatever your choice, a key point is that your guest or guests, should be able to notice table linens, but then again not be distracted by them.


When it comes to quality, most people would choose the best if they have the option. Natural fibres are the most popular because they look and feel more opulent. Customers will be impressed whether they’re aware of the fact or not, so a good quality material can make all the difference to the feel of a restaurant,as well as the dining experience. Cotton and linen are two of the most famous and popular preferences for usage, both being naturally soft to the touch, which once again adds to the satisfaction of customers. The only drawback to using such materials is that they need to be washed every so often or when there’s a dining accident, such as food or drink being spilled, leaving what looks like an indelible stain, especially if the colours are strong, as in wine. Table linen rental companies know all there is to know about this and provide top service for such misfortunes, should you happen to encounter one. The other good aspect of cotton and linen is that they last longer and are more durable than most other materials, which is an important side note here. Also, another decisive issue is the thickness of the material being used, as there’s quite some difference between using threadbare thin table linen and that of a thicker kind.

Restaurant linens Quality

Drop Length

The “drop length” when making the choice of table linens must certainly be taken into consideration. This refers to the amount of tablecloth which will be hanging from the edge of the table down towards the floor. Elegance is the key here, and is measured by drop length; the longer it is, the more elegant, grand and formal, a table will look. In the case of the more informal restaurant, a shorter length can be utilised which can still give the place a warm and comfortable feeling.

Should you desire to have your table linen hanging down and touching the floor, you’ll have to do a little math workout to estimate the size of the linens you wish to use As an example, if your table is of the rectangular variety, the length should be decided by adding the length plus two times the height. The width should be decided by adding the width plus the height, times two. Fortunately enough most table linens come in what would be considered standard sizes these days,so it’s not at all difficult to decide on what are the best size table linens for your needs.

Restaurant linens Drop Length

Conclusion : Whether you choose table linen for your restaurant or not, one thing is definitely for sure – it will add a touch of elegance and class to the décor of your eating establishment and your customers will certainly be aware of it!

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