Quick Chocolate Fact Sheet at a Glance!

One jar of chocolate shake, or a complete bar of dark chocolate, can be tempting and soothing to the taste buds. Most people love chocolates for their own reasons, and it is rather a fascinating experience to try something new every now and then. Adding to the taste, we all have our favorites in brands, often swearing by the names that we have loved since our adolescent days. So, how much do you know about chocolates? Here are some of the fun facts and a few weird aspects that you may have just missed.

know about chocolates

Every brand doesn’t make chocolates

This one can be shocker for some people, but many of the chocolate brands don’t actually manufacture confectionery products themselves. In fact, they often reach to companies that specialize in bulk chocolate manufacturing, and they probably have a tie-up for the products they sell and then may have a license on the trademark. The simple season for this is the economies of scale, because large manufacturing units can be outsourced for the same task, for much lesser cost of initial investment.

much lesser cost

White chocolates aren’t chocolates at all

White chocolates are favorites with many, but you will be surprised that there is no cocoa powder, solids or cocoa liquid in there. These are usually made from milk solids, although there are a number of companies that sells both dark chocolates and milk “chocolates” under the same label. Next time you buy a back, check the back on the label to find the truth! This is the precise reason why some people call them milk chocolates too!

chocolates at all

Dark chocolate is your friend

Most diet conscious people would think of calories when they munch on sweets and confectionary, but high quality dark chocolate is your friend. In fact, it contains high amount of antioxidants, which is actually good for the body and can aid in reducing blood pressure. Studies have also revealed that dark chocolate may help in reducing cardiovascular diseases. However, make sure that you choose the right brands, because most of the chocolates we get in the market are full of sugar. Although the dark variants still contain some amount of sugar, it is very less to be counted. In fact, it’s so good that you can grab a bite every day!

chocolate is your friend

A superb deal

Who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies? Well, you will be rather surprised to find that the man who actually invented the idea actually sold to it to the Nestle Toll House. What’s even better is the fact that he didn’t focus on earning huge from the deal, but instead he asked for a lifetime supply of chocolates. Now that’s precisely a lot for that awesome invention!

chocolate chip cookies

Feeling low? Well, a good amount of chocolate can actually help you feel better. High cocoa containing chocolates are known to increase the theta brain waves that work for inducing good feelings and a sense of relaxation. That’s probably why we often see depressed people having more chocolates! Here’s a toast to the love for confectionary!