Professional Equipments For A Baking House Or Patisserie!

Baking is science. Baking is art! And baking is everything that a baker believes in. And if you are a baker venturing out to open your own baking house – there is a lot of knowledge left to procure besides baking!

A baking house or a patisserie is not just about baking 100 cakes in a day; it’s about designing a kitchen that speaks of utility, productivity and smooth work flow! And it is important to seek the right restaurant supply in Miami to find out the best of equipment for your baking kitchen!


Kneading a dough preparing a batter or just mixing the ingredients for a cake icing, a mixer comes handy for every kitchen that bakes. It is not possible to do this with an immersion or a hand held mixer, this requires a baking mixer that helps capture the gravity and speed required for mixing the batter. Choose to add this on your kitchen plan to make your baking time more productive.

Food Processor

Grating of chocolates and chopping of fruits does take time! And if it’s a professional kitchen with goals to meet for the day – the speed should be a priority too. Food processors are essential here to bring about quality chopping in fragments of seconds. With food processors you have access to different blades for differential chopping and hence quality end products too!

Microwave ovens

One of the basic requirements of baking is to have a microwave oven. And for a commercial kitchen there needs to be a professional microwave with capacity to at least bake a few cakes together. When choosing to design a kitchen for commercial baking house having a good microwave oven is essential. Route for a good capacity and temperature setting.


Patisserie isn’t just about cakes or pastries, a lot of deserts come in too. Having a blender helps you get ready your ingredients for baking while also helping include items like smoothie, shakes etc. But a professional blender is different than a regular one. Here the capacity and power of the blender should be high.


To bake bread and cut it into proper slices or to make distinct cut on the cake having a slicer is a must. Invest in good slicers to deliver the best finish to the customers.

Patisserie shall require a lot of essential kitchen equipments. Seek out the best outlet for restaurant supply in Miami and choose the kitchen equipments with care!

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