Planning the Perfect Surprise Birthday Party

Everyone loves surprises, and if you would like to make someone’s day, plan the ultimate surprise birthday party. This isn’t as simple as it sounds, as all the arrangements must be discreetly planned and executed without the birthday recipient’s knowledge. The ideal plan is to hire a venue and arrange for caterers to provide the menu, and if this is not in the near vicinity, the secret should be safe. If you are planning a surprise birthday party, here are some things to consider.

Keeping the Secret

This is vital, as without the element of surprise, one cannot have a surprise party, so make a list of all those involved and make them aware of the need for secrecy. Call a meeting and make sure everyone is bound by secrecy, as news can travel fast if it gets into the wrong hands. Assign different team members with certain tasks, and perhaps the group should brainstorm how to get the birthday boy or girl to the venue without arousing suspicion. You might need to be a bit devious and enlist the help of others, perhaps a good friend of the birthday person could call at a prearranged time, and ask for some kind of help, maybe a car breakdown.


Hire a Caterer

There are several reasons why outsourcing the catering is a good idea, firstly, if you outsource, there is no risk of the secret being revealed. Make sure the caterer is aware of the surprise element, and they can probably help to create a spectacular surprise with the actual arrival of the star person. For those who live in Western Australia, Campbelltown Catering Services in Sydney are experienced caterers for all kinds of events, including surprise birthday parties, so they might have some useful advice.

Enlist the Help of their Partner

This is essential, as the partner can ensure that no suspicions are aroused, and they can also provide other reasons, if the person does ask any questions or become suspicious. Keeping a secret isn’t as easy as one might think, so the best policy is “need to know”, which means if a person doesn’t need to know, they will not be informed.


A Successful Outcome

If the surprise hasn’t been let out of the bag, the look on the person’s face when they realise is worth all the painstaking efforts to keep it a secret, and they will never forget how much care and attention that went into the planning and organising of such an event. When the recipient arrives at the venue, all the guests should be well-hidden from view, with the exception of the person who asked them to come, and if it is timed correctly, a suitable gift should be thrust in their hands as the lights go on and all of their family and friends are there.

One of the challenges of a surprise party is keeping the secret, and if you can carry that off, the event has been successful. The party will no doubt go on until late into the night, and the birthday person will have a special feeling that will remain with them for many years to come.

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