Milk Frothers Are Ideal Accessories for Coffee Lovers and Caterers

Because a number of coffee drinks feature foamy milk topping, a milk frother is an ideal accessory for anyone who likes coffee drinks such as cappuccinos or lattes. Coffee beverages that display a foamy topping of frothed milk are made by aerating warmed milk and mixing it with the coffee. Some of the machines that froth the milk include hand-pump varieties, small devices that froth and warm the milk at the same time, and whisks that are motorised.


What Frothers Do

All the frothers basically do the same thing: aerate the milk by speedily agitating it. When the milk is agitated, a large amount of air is introduced into the liquid. In turn, bubbles are created within the milk that increases its texture and volume. The result is a foamy mix that softens the sharpness of the coffee drink.

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Shoppers can normally select a milk frother based on what they can afford and how frequently they will use it. This type of device is ideal for caterers who prepare coffees and beverages for parties and companies. The small device is easy to store and use. Therefore, storage space and handiness are not a concern. You can get a better idea of milk frother designs by reviewing a site featuring beverage accessories.

Cappuccino Makers That Froth Milk

However, that being said, cappuccino makers also feature milk frothers that are operated by steam. These kinds of frothers create a stream of hot air that froths the milk with an accompanying hissing noise.11183-machines

Hand-Pump Frothers

Milk frothers are also offered as hand-pump machines. This type of frother features a plunger that is affixed to a fine mesh screen. It typically comes inside a stainless steel cup. The frothers are not only simple to use but affordable too. However, you do have to take some time to create the desired level of foam. This type of frother is suitable for users making no more than two cups of coffee at once.

Motorised Whisks

Motorised whisks are frothers that work about the same as the hand-pump models. However, they are electric hand-held versions of the device. A small propeller or whisk is included on the end of the beverage maker. When the frother is operated, the attachment turns quickly to froth the milk.

A More Expensive Frother

Propeller-type frothers should be used with care since they can chip the porcelain inside of cups. The whisk and propeller frothers usually cost a little bit more than the hand-pumped models. Nevertheless, they are often recommended for making large amounts of cappuccino drinks as they can make the foam at a quicker rate.

Small electric frothers which are self-contained are used too. They frequently resemble small food processors. These types of frothers are suggested for anyone who prepares multiple cappuccinos at once as they froth more milk than the other versions. Some of the devices even warm the milk whilst it is being frothed. As with any kitchen gadget, you need to do some comparison shopping to see which frother will meet your requirements.

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