Let Us Decide Where to Watch Sports – Bar or Stadium

It is quite thrilling for many of us to drive down to stadium in Brickell to watch the game along with huge crowd and feel the excitement of watching your favorite player live in real action. However, nowadays there is another alternative available to watch important sports event. It is sports bar- which is also becoming popular among people.

Mentioned below are five good reasons why sports bar in Brickell can be a better option than driving all the way to a crowded stadium.

  1. Big Savings

Cost of watching any important sports event in a stadium can cost you a lot. At that cost you can have lot more fun at a bar. Not only the ticket, if you choose to visit a stadium then you have to spend for your transportation, parking and also on your food and drinks.

  1. More Convenient

Driving in a crowded city particularly near the sports event can be a real hassle. Besides, you have to search for a suitable parking spot and you will waste a lot of your time doing that. On the other hand, there are a number of bars available in the city where you can conveniently visit without any inconvenience. You will not require to negotiate with the large crowd to find your place.

  1. Served with food and drink

Food and drinks will be available in limited quantity and also, they will be sold at much higher price. If you visit the bar, then you can get food and drinks of your choice and certainly of much better quality and variety that you can get in a crowded stadium. Therefore, bar can be a far better choice as far as foods and drinks are concerned.

  1. Better service

If you are in a stadium then during lunch or tea break, there will be too much rush. You will have to really struggle hard or stand in a long que in order to get a salty snack. On the bar, you will be served your food and drinks by the waitress available in the bar and this kind of service you can never get in the stadium.

  1. More variety of option

In a stadium, you will get the opportunity to see only a single view from your seat, whereas on TV you will be able to see the best view from different angles. In case, you want to watch any other sport then you can always change the channel.

Looking at the above it is the best option to watch games from bar rather than going to a stadium.

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