How to Throw a Great Pizza Party

It hasn’t always been thought of as the quintessential British casual dining fare, but there’s no doubt that pizza has certainly become a national favorite. Thanks to the likes of Pizza Hut, Papa John’s and a ton of little local pizza places this Italian/American staple now appears at a lot of parties as well, and a pizza party is far from something that’s uncommon.

But why just stop at serving pizza at a party when you can turn it into a real pizza party? A great idea for a kids birthday party – especially an older one who has outgrown Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol – a pizza party can also be a great choice for adult celebrations as well, for birthdays, graduations and more.

But what do we mean by pizza party, other than the obvious ie: order tons of pizza. We mean a pizza themed party, and it’s actually easier to put one together than you might think.

Pizza Party Decor

No matter what you eventually decide to top it with – we’ll take an epic Hawaiian if you’re asking – pizzas usually have two things in common. Cheese and sauce. Basically red and yellow, and so that’s the colour palette to go for if planning a pizza party. But not just with red and yellow balloons or red and yellow plates and cups – although those are good ideas – but with other pizza ‘themed’ party decor as well.

Need some ideas? How about spelling out the word ‘pizza’ with some colourful letter balloons? Or turning the occasion into a fancy dress party and asking your guests to come dressed in their favourite pizza related costume? Yes, you’ll probably see a lot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles but it’s also a good chance for people to get really creative – it’s amazing what you can do with a few old takeout pizza boxes and a little imagination.

Pizza Serving Stations

Obviously, it only makes sense that the actual pizza itself is going to play a very big part in the occasion. But rather than just ordering half a dozen pizzas and then setting the boxes on a table why not make things a little more festive by setting up a pizza party serving station?

The concept is similar to that of a buffet table of course, but you can add some clever extras. Adorn the table – and the surrounding area – with red and yellow streamers, or even pizza shaped foil balloons. Place each pizza on a simple foil disposable lazy susan and label it with colourful handwritten signs. Offer a few dipping sauces – your own or the stuff the pizza place offers – add several serve yourself bottles of pop (next to disposable party cups of course) and you should be all set.

Pizza Party Extras

Something else that is very trendy right now at all kinds of parties is a photobooth. But you don’t have to spend a fortune renting one. A sheet on a wall can make a great backdrop – or if you have more patience a balloon wall – you can pick up some great photo booth props very inexpensively online and all you need to do is step back and watch everyone have tons of fun.

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