How to Make Your Guests Happy with a Delicious Recipe

Organizing a dinner or lunch for your friends is always exciting. During your lazy weekend, you can invite all your friends and have a gala time. It should be noticed that food and drinks need to be served to your guests to make your party more memorable. If you want to add more fun to it, you should cook something different and nice so that you can please your loved ones. Camp bells chicken is one of the best foods which everyone is going to love. If you don’t know how to cook it, you can learn it within a few minutes only.

Camp bells chicken

Cooking Campbells Chicken along with Rice

Everyone loves to eat chicken and rice and you can eat them together in several ways. In order to make it yummier, you can mix different ingredients such as creams, paprika, mushrooms and others. First, you should stir all the water, soup, rice, black pepper and paprika in baking dish and cover it. It requires baking at 375F for 45 minutes or thorough cooking of the chicken. The rice should be tendered properly. You should wait for about 10 minutes to get it settled and then, serve both of them. If you want to add more taste to it, you should increase water up to 1 1/3 cups. You can choose any size of the chicken piece which you like. If large pieces are there, you should cut them to make the smaller ones so that it can be cooked properly. Moreover, you will find different variations of Chicken Campbell and rice.

variations of Chicken Campbell

Cheesy Chicken and Rice Casserole Campbells Chicken and Rice

In order to make this Campbells chicken and rice, you need to heat oven upto 375F. Stir the water, soup, rice, clack pepper, vegetables and onion powder in a baking dish. You must take chicken pieces and top the rice with this chicken. After this, the baking dish should be covered. You must bake it for 50 minutes or till the rice becomes tender and chicken is cooked thoroughly. You should top it with cheese and let the casserole still for ten minutes. The chicken and rice should be served to your guests.

Campbells chicken and rice

Creamy Campbells chicken and rice

You must mix rice, water, soup, black pepper and onion powder in a baking dish to cook Campbells chicken and rice. If you have frozen vegetables, you should keep them under running water for some time. You should top the rice with the chicken and sprinkle the pieces with additional pepper. It is suggested to cover the dish and bake it at 375F. You need to ensure that the chicken is cooked and rice is tendered. The entire cooking may take about 45 minutes. You can sprinkle chicken with cheese. You can remove it from the oven to be served to your guests.

Creamy Campbells chicken and rice

If you want to make your gathering more memorable, it is suggested to try cooking it for once or twice. This way, you will get an idea of setting temperature in a proper manner.

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