How to Choose the Best Pizza Display Warmer for Your Food Establishment

Pizza has certainly taken the world by storm, and wherever you go in the world, you’re sure to find pizza in different kinds and varieties. If you are running a pizza business, whether you’re in the business of delivering pizza and preparing it for takeaway or you’re serving it directly to customers and diners in-house, there’s one kind of equipment which can definitely benefit you: a pizza display warmer. With a pizza display warmer, you can keep your pizzas fresh and hot and you don’t have to worry about them becoming stale or unappetizing. If you’re thinking of acquiring a pizza display warmer for your business, here’s how to select the best one.

Know what you want first

The first thing you should do is figure out what your requirements are. How many pizzas would you like the pizza warmer to hold? You should also find out the size of your largest pizza, so you can make sure that the pizza display warmer will be able to accommodate it. You should take a close look at the pizza warmer’s external size as well – this will ensure that it fits on top of your counter and will not be too big or too small.

Aside from this, you should determine whether you want a pizza warmer which is self-serve or which your employees will use to quickly and easily serve customers. The first kind is called a self-service pizza display warmer, where the customer can get the pizza themselves, while the second kind is called a full-service pizza display warmer, where your employees or staff will serve your customers.

Your various options

Pizza display warmers come in different sizes, and there are some large enough to accommodate 12 pizzas or more. Of course, there are smaller versions as well, and these may be better for smaller countertop spaces. You can also opt for pizza display warmers which have handles so you can easily pick up the machine and place it in a different spot or place it on a cart to be transported.

There are also pizza warmers which aren’t placed on countertops – instead, they run on casters and are large enough to accommodate two dozen to three dozen of your food establishment’s pizzas. Because they are on casters, you can wheel them from one place to another, although such full-sized warmers are more often used for larger establishments such as hotels, schools, and hospitals.

Of course, pizza warmers aren’t just designed for pizza – you can place other food items in the warmers, as long as they can easily fit. Some restaurants and establishments place items such as mozzarella sticks, chicken wings, and other appetizers in the warmers, which help keep the food warm, fresh, and aesthetically-appealing. Bon appétit!

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