Enhancing muscle mass and abolishing Fat layers


A ripped, strong and agile physique showcase due charm. The attractive look that a fit muscular body possess is a function of efforts taken. Everyone dreams of a enduring personality, but transforming such dream into a reality quite exhaustive. When it comes to professional experts building and enhancing up the appeal of their body is crucial for them. After all a well managed body determines their success in their arena. A rigid workout regime plus a starving diet will not yield spectacular results until it is combined with an effective supplement. Steroids are an epitome of such performance enhancing drug. Winstril, Anavar and DECA Durabolin falls under this category and serve as a boon for the human body. Though clenbuterol is not a complete steroid, it is a beta symmetric that triggers development of ripped muscles and cultivates attractiveness. Combing one’s efforts with an effective supplement will provide quick and reliable weight loss results.

Clenbuterol is not an anabolic steroid

 Numerous questions about clenbuterol  prevails in the mind of potential users, that if Clen does not come under the category of an anabolic steroid than what does it fall under? Being a beta- symmetric, it is renowned for enhancing growth of lean muscle mass and chucking out the bulky fat layers from the body. On the other hand, anabolic steroids function upon the male hormones, in the same manner as testosterone does. Clen not only serves beneficial in aiding cutting cycle, it is used to treat asthma and veterinary diseases. It act as a stimulator that boost ups metabolism levels in the body, thereby serving as an indomitable tool in aiding weight loss. It is all because of its efficiency that it is given due preference by professional body builders. Solely using it is not recommended for humans,  it function as a pure steroid at a high dosage, combining it with other steroids can do wonders.

Dosage and use

As clen acts as a pure steroid at a higher dosage, it is recommended for fostering muscle growth of animals. In humans, a minimum prescription of 4-8 tablets i.e. 100 mcg and 250 mcg is recommended. For ensuring its use in the most optimum manner, one should consult a doctor and provide the expert with all the information regarding the body. The dosage level depends upon the weight of a concerned body. Higher the weight, higher dosage will be required to gain a lean muscular frame.


 As clenbuterol is not a pure steroid, it does not have drastic impacts on the human body. Questions about clenbuterol can be easily solved by accessing one of the most leading bodybuilding website named steroidly. If one does not take proper consultation regarding inclusion of clen in their diet, they might borne the consequences. It act as a performance enhancing drug and provides appreciative results in cultivating ripped muscles and waving off obstinate fat layers from the body. Its cutting cycle function serves as a boon, however one should take proper consultation before facilitating its use.

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