Edible Images Add A Personal Touch To Your Cake Orders

Dessert Lady is a specialty dessert company serving the greater Toronto Canada area.  One of their major specialties is Edible Images cake toppers.  These are basically near photo-quality images that can be grafted in icing or other topping to the face of a cake.  It is not available on all cakes or in all forms, but it could be an exquisite option for nearly any specialty occasion.

Edible Images are available according to certain limitations for best results.


Edible Images are only available to order on cakes with Cream Cheese or Butter cream Ice Cream or on Mousse Cakes and Cheesecakes.  It is not recommended to order edible images on cakes with Fresh Whipped Cream topping, like shortcakes, or on cakes with chocolate icing.  These types of cake toppings will not serve a solid image well.  All images are secured on fondant, an edible, shapeable, sugar-based solid placed on top of the cake to hold the image even in the presence of moisture.

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It is important to note that image “printing” on a cake topping is not the same as printing an image on paper.  Paper (or photo) printing involves laser printer ink.  When printing on a cake, the colors and shapes are made through the manipulation of Food Color-based ink.  This means that while the image printed on the cake will be similar to the example photo, it is nearly impossible to exactly replicate it.  Food coloring has limitation that can ultimately affect print quality.


Image printing on a cake is limited to 8×10 size images.  Cake topping images can be scaled down, but 8×10 is the largest image available. However, it is possible to order a cake larger than 8×10, which is often recommended if you would also like to order a special message in addition to the image.


It is generally recommended that cakes with photo images be picked up on the day it will be consumed as storage can ultimately affect the quality of the image.  However, the image can be stored in a box separate from the cake itself for better storage and transport. Be advised: overnight storage of the image will introduce moisture to the edible image which will create bubbles in the picture.


Finally, while it is generally advised to place phone orders at least 24-hours in advance and online orders at least 72-hours in advance; you may want to add at least 48 hours for Edible images.

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