Easy Hosting Tips

Have you offered to host a large party in your home? Are you having second thoughts? Maybe the thought of entertaining a large crowd has set you into panic mode. Take a deep breath and follow the advice of experts and you’ll be a relaxed host before you know it! The two most important pieces of advice to remember when planning for a large social event is the success of the event is based on the people – not the food or venue. Second, keep things simple and avoid over complicated recipes, invitations and decorations. You certainly don’t want to be exhausted before the party starts!

large party in your home

For larger crowds, the easiest way to serve is buffet style. Generally, the kitchen table or dining room table works just fine for setting a buffet and getting the crowd to circulate. Select three dishes to prepare. Keep in mind that the dishes need to be prepared as much in advance as possible. A meat dish such as a roast or lasagna will always be a hit. Couple that with appropriate side dishes that you’ve prepared before and were happy with.

For the easiest timing, it’s recommended that the house or entertaining area be prepared two days before the party. Bring out the serving dishes and dinner plates. Roll the silverware in napkins and assemble the centerpieces. Invest in a bright tablecloth with help from Bealls Florida and Groupon Coupons. Set up a drink station with glasses, ice bucket a selection of wine & beer and non-alcoholic beverages.

On the day before the party, complete all the food shopping and begin to prepare the dishes that can be made in advance. A lasagna or potato salad often tastes better on the second day. The day of the party, you can put the final touches on the buffet, take a long bath, have a glass of wine and know that you’ve accomplished all of your pre-party planning and you can begin to enjoy yourself once your guests arrive. In no time you’ll be volunteering to host the next event in your home. Good luck to you!