Different BBQ Styles to Suit your Needs

Regardless, where you reside in the US, there would be some type of BBQ. It would be pertinent to mention here that people from every section have been loyal to their specific style. Traditionally, barbecue has been deemed a mode of slowly cooking of meat over fire, smoking it or cooking it over wood or coals. This meat would be observed and turned for over several hours. The term has been used interchangeably referring to both the preparation, cooking of the meat along with the actual place where the meat would be cooked. It would be done outdoors or in outdoor ovens at a restaurant. The restaurants that specialize in BBQ catering would usually cook the meat at the restaurant and serve it warm at the party site.

BBQ is pork in southern sections

In the Southern section of US, barbecue has typically been pork. The major reason has been pigs being easier to maintain and catch easily when food supply is low. Spanish introduced them to the American Indians. The Indians also showed the Spanish how to smoke the meat. These colonists moved on to South Carolina where the present day concept of barbecue was born.

Having their own flavour

Every part of South has its own barbecue flavour. It would usually be in the rub or in the sauce. It would be based on where the barbecue represents. Most sauces have been vinegar based, whereas others have been ketchup based. Most locales have been known for their side dishes, such as corn bread, slaw or beans. Mostly, BBQ catering companies would specialize in a specific style. Nonetheless, some would serve it either way so that all guests stay happy.

The BBQ catering restaurants may serve their meat in vinegar, ketchup based sauces, barbecues in Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee would serve their pork in a sweet tomato based sauce. It would often be served as pulled pork on a sandwich along with a side of coleslaw.

Some different style in Kansas

The Kansas City would use a different style of barbecue where the eating establishments make use of different types of meat, such as pulled pork, burnt ends, sausage, ribs, chicken and brisket. This has been attributed to its history of being a meatpacking city. The city barbecue restaurants would typically make use of hickory wood for smoking. The burnt ends have been one of the most popular dishes served in the Kansas City.

Nonetheless, when most people across the world think of barbecue, they would primarily think of Texas style. They would serve to your Wedding Catering needs in the best manner possible.

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