Commercial Pest Control Keeps Your Restaurant Open

If you own a restaurantin Toronto, you know how vitally important it is to keep it clean, make sure your staff is handling food properly (and hold Food Handlers Certificates), avoid contamination, and above all, keep out mice, rats, cockroaches, ants, and bed bugs. The last thing you or your customers want to see is a rodent or a roach creeping under the tables or around the kitchen, but with food in your fridges, in your dining room, in your kitchen, and filling up your dumpster out back, you’re a magnet for all kinds of bugs and rodents. It can seem like an uphill battle trying to keep your place spotless, which is why you need to work with great commercial pest control in Toronto.


There are dozens of pests to be found in Toronto, some of them more malign than others, but all of which should be of concern to a restaurant. Some of them include: cockroaches, the perennial enemy of restaurants; bed bugs, which can infest the seats in your dining room; wasps and hornets, drawn by sugary pops and liquors, and a major concern for those with allergies; carpenter ants, which can cause structural damage to your building; and flies, which can easily cross-contaminate food.

Keeping that bright green “Pass” sign from DineSafe is crucial if you want to stay in business and one of the things that food safety inspectors look for is signs of infestation. If they see a roach or a rodent dropping, you could be in for a closure, and if not, these results are all publicized online. In order to keep your business free from infestations you need to work with exterminators in Toronto that can offer proactive solutions. Companies like Power Pest Control can offer monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly service using IPM to prevent and exclude infestations, each designed for a different kind of client. Monthly visits are for businesses with no existing problems and IPM practices are employed to watch for any issues and nip them in the bud before any bigger issues arise. Bi-weekly visits work well for businesses like restaurants that receive deliveries from multiple sources like food suppliers who could pass on infestations, while weekly visits from Power Pest Control are designed to manage full-blown infestations and structural issues.

Your exterminator should not just be called in for emergencies, but identify and prevent infestations before they happen.This is a crucial part of the IPM strategy, adopted from agricultural practices, because simply using pesticides is not always enough or the best strategy. Any extermination company entering your business should be using safe chemicals so that you can get back to business as quickly as possible. For more information on safe pesticide use and IPM strategies for your business, visit

The most trustworthy pest control companies have fully certified technicians licensed by the Ministry of Environment and carry an Ontario extermination card to present if a customer asks to see it. Unfortunately, bug infestations have are on the rise in Toronto, as recent research has found that 70 percent of Ontario’s public health inspectors felt bed bug reports were on the rise in their zones in both residential and commercial properties. Don’t wait until there’s already a problem before bringing in an expert; schedule an evaluation and free quote now by calling a fully certified, licensed pest control Toronto company.

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