Catering for the most important meal of the day

In the business world, the breakfast meeting or seminar is a popular way of bringing people together at the start of the day.

In this article we take a look at some of the key considerations when planning the breakfast catering requirements of your next workshop.


Choosing the venue

If you are hosting a workshop or seminar, the most obvious place for you to hold the event is in-house in your offices. This is particularly straightforward if you have a large boardroom and in-house catering facilities. Apart from the convenience of holding the event on your premises, there are several other advantages. You get to showcase your offices to your clients or suppliers and clearly brand your event with your collateral.

If there are reasons that hosting the event in-house on your premises is not appropriate – for example you may not have sufficient room, or the location may not be convenient for your guests – then you need to look for an external venue that will be suitable for your requirements. If you are going to use a restaurant then make sure that you will have a private room so that you have total control over noise levels, ambience, and branding.

Choosing the venue

Choosing the menu

In many ways the food that is served at your breakfast seminar should be secondary to the content and business outcomes of the event, but getting the catering right can really make or break an event. Make sure you keep it simple – good coffee and easy to eat food that is fresh and interesting. A quality caterer will be able to suggest suitable options, but the key is to go for things that are easy to eat. Generally you want your guests to interact and engage with each other – you don’t want them to be preoccupied with trying to balance plates and cutlery. Mini bagels, small pastries, yoghurt pots are all simple options that will have broad appeal. Make sure you consider the dietary requirements of your guests – if you are going with bacon sandwiches then make sure you include a vegetarian option; or perhaps you need to include kosher or halal options in your menu.

Choosing the menu

Make sure the audio visual equipment works

There is nothing worse than attending a seminar or workshop when the presentation can’t be seen because the projector isn’t working, or the screen is broken, or the presenter can’t seem to operate the equipment. Get there early, test everything, and have a backup plan just in case things go wrong.

Good service
Good service

Think about your follow-up

One of the most important aspects of any business event is the follow-up that you do after the event. During the initial planning phases of the event you should already be thinking about your plan for contacting attendees after the event to continue conversations, secure appointments, or close sales.

Customer Service dishes

With the right planning, the right venue, and the right catering you can ensure that your breakfast workshop is memorable for all of the right reasons and gives you the business outcomes that you need.

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