Buying Indian Groceries and Food Online in the UK

Here in the UK, not many people will turn away a good curry. There is something about the dish that just appeals to Brits, with curries becoming fully ingrained into the food culture of the nation. That’s not to say we don’t enjoy other types of Indian cuisine, with so many of us adoring the various delicacies that have made their way from India.

Groceries and Food Online in the UK

An Indian restaurant or takeaway is perhaps the most common location where you can find some top notch Indian food, but you can easily find meals in supermarkets along with various ingredients that are perfect for making something at home.

Many ingredients used in Indian dishes are not often found in a traditional British supermarket, which has led to the rise of Indian supermarkets. These locations specialise in providing a complete range of Indian food and ingredients that can be used to make some truly wonderful and authentic cuisine.

Unfortunately they can be hard to come by on the high street, especially if you do not live a large town or city. Thankfully the internet is a fantastic place to find some of the best Indian supermarkets in the UK, and most of them deliver goods up and down the country, providing us with access to all of the best Indian groceries and foods.

Here are some of the best websites to buy Indian groceries and food online here in the UK:

Spices of India

Spices of India have an impressive selection of groceries, foods and ingredients. While many other online Indian supermarkets provide mainly food and ingredients, Spices of India has a range of other products too, including cookware -this can prove to be very useful for those who love making Indian cuisine regularly.

Other than that, they offer the usual Indian fare, such as curry powders and sauces, various spices and pastes used in Indian dishes, rice, beans, lentils and even Indian sweets and desserts. They also provide free delivery on orders over £40 and provide a range of recipes on their website free of charge!


iTadka claims to be the largest online retailer for Indian foods and groceries, and going on their websites selection, it’s hard to disagree. They feature thousands of different products and provide some of the top brans for Indian food and ingredients.

They offer online price matches so have some of the best rates going as well as having many deals and promotions on. Their range of fresh produce is also one of their biggest attractions. They have lots of fruit and vegetables on offer, not to mention a range of fresh herbs and other produce used in many class Indian dishes.

Residents in London can even arrange for fast delivery slots that can send your goods out in a matter of hours, while the remainder of the country receives standard delivery options.

The Asian Cookshop

The Asian Cookshop doesn’t just specialise in Indian food and ingredients, as they offer goods from all manner of Asian cuisine, including Thai, Chinese, Japanese and more. But that doesn’t mean they are lacking in options for Indian groceries, as they have a massive range that includes many staples of Indian cuisine.

What is more appealing about them for many is the incredible range of spices and herbs that are available. As anyone that enjoys making Indian food can testify, spices and herbs are a pivotal component of getting that trademark flavour.

They also offer free express delivery on orders over £29.99 and deliver to every part of the UK.

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