All the More Reasons to Eat More Duck

In case, you have never tried duck before or believe duck to be for special occasions only, you would relish the savory surprise. Duck breast would give you several reasons for including duck in your diet regularly.

Some of the reasons have been discussed below.

  1. Nutritional and delectable duck

In case, you were looking forward to eating better in the coming times, duck would be your best bet. It offers proteins, lean meat, which would be better than fat and calories to turkey breast or skinless chicken. The duck would also be an excellent source of zinc and selenium. It has been known to encourage your cellular metabolism.

The red meat of the duck would comprise higher amounts of iron compared to any other poultry. It would not be wrong to suggest that duck is healthy along with providing you with strong flavor and texture. It has been deemed a perfect combination of taste and nutrition.

  1. Benefits of duck fat is incomparable

The scrumptious and beneficial duck fat would be full of flavor and health. It would be great alternative for oil in your recipes. It has been deemed relatively similar to olive oil. Being low in saturated fat, the duck fat would be your best bet for health-conscious diet. It has been full of flavor. As a result, it could be used in a wide variety of applications. You could use it to cook eggs, fry potatoes and greasing pans. It would be a great and healthy substitute for butter, cakes, sauces, cookies and more.

  1. Whole duck would be apt for meal plan

You would find whole duck relatively easier than duck parts. It would be simple to roast a complete duck in oven or break it up to be used in the coming meals for the entire week. Removing breasts for quick sauté or legs for confit would be a great solution for your week long meal plan. Moreover, the carcass and giblets could be sued for soup. You should be rest assured that duck recipes are endless.

  1. Easy to cook

You could cook the duck similar to chefs and professionals. It would be pertinent to mention here that you would not require formal training for preparing a duck recipe. It could be used for everyday meal with ease. If you feel it is something new to you, it would be your best bet to try simple duck recipes for starters. The possibilities are endless for cooking a duck.

  1. Versatile duck

Last, but not the least, duck is versatile for all occasions. It could be used for everyday snack or for special family occasions.

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