5 topmost cakes for your 5 topmost women in life

No life on this earth would have been possible without a woman. She comes in form of a mom, sister, friend, grandma, girlfriend, daughter, wife, etc. In each and every role, she never leaves to mesmerize the men folk of this world. On some special days like birthday, anniversary, Raksha Bnadhan, Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Women’s Day, etc. you may present them the following cakes. It would be so good if you can bake them yourself but anyways you can order them from any gift store and make them feel special.

Vanilla sponge cake for Mom: Mom is the most important person in all our lives. Without her a single day would have been so tough and we all face that when she goes to her relative’s house for a few hours. She is the most simple and innocent one in the family who knows only to love unconditionally. So, a vanilla sponge cake would be the best gift for her on birthday or on Mother’s Day or Women’s Day. Just order this Women’s Day cake online and celebrate with her lavishly.

Butterscotch cake for sister: She is the monster in human form and still then none of your TV watching session or gaming session is complete without her. On her birthday or on Raksha Bandhan, get her a nice butterscotch cake. The caramel filling of this cake makes it an amazing choice for celebrating any special moment. Also bring some other gifts like earring, teddy bear, or coffee mug along with this very tasty cake.

Red Velvet cake for girlfriend: Red is the color of eternal love and romance while white is the color of purity, innocence, and peace. A red velvet cake is one of the very striking cakes where passion speaks more than anything else. Made with beetroot extract this cake looks very tempting. The authentic taste of a red velvet cake is a sweet and creamy one and thus poses to be the perfect anniversary or Valentine’s Day special cake. You can get red velvet cake in the form of a cupcake also and thus you can prepare a bouquet of red velvet cupcakes to surprise your girlfriend.

Coffee cake for best friend: To treat your best friend on Friendship Day, you can bring in the coffee cake and she would definitely love it. You know most of the friendship stories are woven around the cups of coffee that you sip together in coffee shops or just at home. A coffee cake is less on the sweeter side or you can call it a bitter-sweet cake, truly matching the friendship you have with her.

German Chocolate cake for wife: A wife is another name of life and is the only person who has the courage to love us unconditionally after our moms. The Women’s Day cake idea or the gift idea for her birthday can be a German Chocolate cake? Why? Because her love, dedication, commitment, and care remains same over the years and she is the best. You may eat and taste other flavors but the appeal of a German chocolate cake is inexplicable just like your wife.

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