5 Reasons You Should Use Portable Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

For most homeowners, backyard cooking has become more of a ritual since you get to invite your family and friends for a chilled out Saturday or Sunday afternoon or even during the holidays. Portable wood fired pizza ovens have become more popular since as the name suggests offers the advantage of portability. This has made pizza more fun and easy as you can cook and serve while your family and friends are around you. Below are some of the reasons why you should consider getting a portable wood fired oven aside from the fact that it can easily be moved from one place to another.


They cook pizza quickly

A wood fired oven has the advantage of attaining higher temperatures which is approximately 500-700 degrees. This conveniently shortens the time it will take for your pizza to get ready. For this reason you can expect that your pizza will be ready in about two or five minutes depending in how big and thick the dough is.

Boosts the flavor of your pizza

A pizza cooked in a wood fired oven undoubtedly tastes significantly different as compared to pizzas made by other ovens. This is because woods fired cooking has the ability to enhance flavors due to the fact that the cooking heat is evenly distributed. It also gives your pizza a smoky flavor that can’t be replicated when using electrical ovens.

Helps your pizza retain its nutrients

Most pizza lovers like their pizzas with extra toppings such as meat, tasty fruits or vegetables. When you cook using a portable wood fired pizza oven the open flame enables ye vegetables, meat or fruit to cook quickly and retain a good number of nutrients. When you cook foods for long especially vegetables and fruits you can deplete some of those important nutrients thus diminishing your pizza’s nutritional value.

Save energy

This is perhaps the biggest advantage for using wood fired ovens and especially if you are interested or you’re into a green lifestyle. Woof fired ovens cut down tremendously on energy consumption since it does not require electricity or gas to work. They get their energy source from the fire which is produced by burning wood.

Can fulfill other cooking and baking purposes

The beauty of using a wood fired oven for making pizza is that they are not only limited for making pizzas alone. Portable pizza ovens offer versatile fireplaces that can enable you to cook a variety of other food also. They is no doubt that if you are hosting an outdoor cooking thing for your family you will have plenty of other meals to make including roasting meat or baking bread. Most contemporary wood fired ovens have this ability which comes in handy especially when bulk cooking.

Despite the fact that using a portable wood fired pizza oven to make your pizza might sound complicated you will find it as a matter of fact very interesting. You can now cook your pizza quick and enjoy all the nutritional  values with an amazing smoky flavor.


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